Man Down Functionality

Man Down Functionality

For QR-Patrol PRO and GOLD

Guards and patrolman safety must be a top priority for all of us in the Security industry. QR-Patrol already features an SOS function that allows a solo worker to warn the control room or other people about a dangerous situation by simply tapping a button. But, what happens if the guard cannot foresee a dangerous situation?

In these situations, automation can play a crucial role that can save lives.

What's the Man Down Feature and How does it Work?

In short, it’s a technology that warns a Monitoring Centre about a solo worker that for whatever reason has fallen down.

It relies on the movement of a sensor device. There are several types but we recommend a Bluetooth sensor clip.

How to Use this Feature

First and foremost, solo workers should place a sensor clip near their neck. The closer to it, the better. You can buy sensors from us or any other provider.

Then (and only for the first time) there’s some setup to be done:

  • Download the “MetaWear” application on your smart device (available for iOS and Android)
  • Copy the Address code for the selected Clip (see image below on the left-hand side)
  • Now go to the QR-Patrol mobile app and tap on Settings
  • Under “Man Down Functionality”, press “Clip Settings”
  • Paste the Clip ID (also called Address) you copied from the Metawear application. See image below on the right-hand side.
  • Finally tap on Connect Pin Now.

(Note: if you wish for the clip to be connected automatically every time your guard enters
the application, you shall enable the “Connect Automatically” option)

Man Down events are created and sent automatically so once it’s set up, there’s nothing else to be done. If a solo worker falls down, the Monitoring Centre will be automatically notified of a Man Down situation.

A solo worker who e.g. falls down with no consequences can create a false alarm. In this case, s/he can cancel the alert by tapping on the Cancel button (see image below).

The technicalities

The Man Down event is triggered when the person wearing the clip suddenty increases velocity without getting acceleration by any force other than gravity.

When this occurs, the sensor will “scan” for a crash and if it finds one, an event will be sent.

When a Man Down is activated, a pop-up window will appear on the mobile app for 10 seconds. Within this time interval, the solo worker can cancel the event by filling in the PIN number (or just pressing Cancel when using a Demo account).

The Man down functionality can also detect a solo worker who does not move for more than 90 seconds but stays connected with the device. The Man Down event is triggered in this case as well. Again, the action can be undone by the solo worker.

[dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]This functionality has been tested by QR-Patrol under laboratory conditions and not in real-life threatening situations. For this reason, the Man Down functionality is considered on an experimental mode and we urge you to also test it[/dt_highlight]