Why Sendem?

Outstanding Productivity Improvements

Security companies taking advantage of the full range of features provided by our software solutions have an outstanding competitive advantage thanks to business efficiencies through time savings + costs optimization.

Faster Response Times

In an industry where speed and accuracy of communications are essential, Sendem has played a key role in reducing alarm response times by electronically connecting alarm monitoring companies, security providers, and mobile workers.

Sendem Software Solutions have really simplified the financial & operational management processes in our business, not only saving us time but also enabling us to understand how we’re performing at any moment.


Ben England, Tricorp Security

Sendem Solutions

At the heart of our software solutions lies the SmartNet network, a secure, reliable, industry intranet which facilitates the communication between:

  • Alarm Monitoring Companies

  • Security Providers

  • Mobile Personnel

  • End Users, Clients and Contractors

The SmartNet Network

Its purpose is to provide fast and accurate communications between users while reducing control room and operation centres costs and other administrative overheads.

Job Dispatch and Communications flows in the SmartNet Network

An example of how information flows between Sendem users

  • An operator in an alarm monitoring control room dispatches a job to a patrol company which forwards the job to another patrol company which dispatches it to a patrolman’s mobile device.
  • As the patrolman’s results are entered, they are available to all concerned within a few seconds.
  • If the work is being performed on behalf of another company, they can also follow the progress of the job.
  • This process eliminates the need for telephone conversations which often cause extensive delays, particularly in periods of peak demand
  • Reduces the incidence of human error in relaying verbal instructions
  • Lowers telecom charges

Software Solutions

All our software solutions seamlessly communicate with the SmartNet Network



Sophisticated dispatch, billing, and management system for service providers and patrol companies.

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SmartNet Client

SmartNet Client

Easy exchange of jobs with other users in the Smartnet network

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Sendem Web Portal

Sendem Web Portal

Companies of all sizes can dispatch, receive and monitor jobs and all you need is a web browser.

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Sendem partners with QR-Patrol, the most technologically advanced Online Guard Tour Management System in the market

  • Manage your mobile staff anytime, from anywhere
  • Comply with your clients SLAs and ANZ Standards
  • Make decisions based on guard, client and site data
  • Easily create reports for your business and for your clients

Our products are relied upon by some of the leading security companies and public organizations in Australia and New Zealand. Whatever the size of your business, we have software that will enhance the way you operate.

What Clients Say

  • Using SMART has simplified our accounting processes enormously and saves us so much time which we used to spend calculating complex invoices and manually reconciling dockets. It’s now a breeze.

    Ben England
    Tricorp Security
  • Sendem Software Solutions help us meet the rapid alarm response times expected by our clients.

    Chris Jackson
    Unimet Security
  • Sendem Software Solutions have really simplified the financial and operational management processes in our business, not only saving us time but also enabling us to understand how we’re performing at any moment as we can track jobs and see what stage they’re at. This helps us to make sure we continue to give our clients the professional service and swift responses that they have become accustomed to.

    Tricorp Security
  • Having reviewed a number of software solutions to help us run our business,  we finally selected SMART as it’s been specifically designed for the Australian security industry. All the information related to the running of the business is kept electronically,  in one place,  which means we can interpret the data to review and monitor how different functions are performing at any point in time. read more

    Gordan McCormack
    Protection Plus Patrols & Guards
  • I’ve been a SMART user both as a Manager in a large security company and now as a Director of an SME. I recommend that businesses of any size embrace technology, and there’s no software that understands this industry better than SMART.


    Patrick George
    Partisan Protective Services
  • Dispatching jobs through SmartNet is easy and cost-efficient. It is extremely helpful in reducing the number of inbound and outbound calls in the control room. This is particularly useful during peak period such as storms, holiday periods, etc.

    Leading Alarm Monitoring Centre

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