QR-Patrol Indoor Location Feature

Indoor LocationFor PRO and GOLD plans A top concern for Security firms is locating and tracking guards working indoors where GPS signal is sometimes weak. If being able to track guards even under these circumstances is important to your business, now there's a way. QR-Patrol is capable of locating the guard position via the placement ... Read more

Man Down Functionality

Man Down FunctionalityFor QR-Patrol PRO and GOLD Guards and patrolman safety must be a top priority for all of us in the Security industry. QR-Patrol already features an SOS function that allows a solo worker to warn the control room or other people about a dangerous situation by simply tapping a button. But, what happens ... Read more

Guard Trail

Guard TrailFor QR-Patrol GOLD edition only Guard Trail is the ultimate guard tracking tool for managers who need accurate location data for compliance reasons or for route optimisation. You'll be able to see the path the guard or mobile staff followed during the tour. The results can appear either on a static form or as an ... Read more

Company logo on reports and Guards Photo

Company logo on reports and Guard's PhotoFor QR-Patrol GOLD only Adding a Logo A QR-Patrol GOLD user? Upload your company logo and use it across all exported reports. To upload the logo, log in the QR-Patrol Web app Go to Company > Company Info In the "Company Logo" section, click on Edit Click on the + ... Read more

Personalised Login Screen

Personalized login screen For QR-Patrol GOLD edition only QR-Patrol GOLD users have the option to personalize the login screen and get an even better User Experience. Here’s how: How to Change the Default Login Screen Go to the Web Application, click on "Company" > "Company info" Click on "Edit" link on the "Custom Login Screen" section ... Read more

Alarm Response Key Performance Indicators: free eBook

Alarm Response Key Performance Indicators: free eBook Sendem has just released a FREE e-Book which focuses on Alarm Response key performance indicators (KPIs) for Monitoring Centres and Security Providers. It discusses the gains of streamlining and improving the processes in Response, leading to higher KPI success rates, and higher profits in Response. It does so ... Read more

Is the era of the phone call coming to an end?

Move with the times.  “We also have fewer horses and bayonets” B. Obama This is the third (and last) part of a series of articles about the improvement of Alarm Response Times through automation. The first part focused on the enhanced safety of people and property; the second briefly discussed the time-saving benefits of response … Read more