Effortlessly dispatch, receive and monitor jobs.

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Alarm Monitoring Companies

Due to the automatic dispatch of jobs, Alarm Monitoring companies are able to provide a faster service to their clients. A SmartNet Client user who cooperates with other users in the Sendem network can reach mobile patrols in a matter of seconds.

SmartNet Client can run independently on the screens of operators or it can be integrated with existing monitoring software.

Service Providers

Service Providers equipped with SmartNet Client can use the software for both receiving jobs from alarm monitoring companies and other service providers, and to resend these jobs to their patrols or other subcontractors.

Accelerate productivity

  • Efficiently interact with your clients, service providers and mobile workers.
  • Provide alerts for busy operators and mobile patrols.
  • Prioritize jobs automatically
  • Export recorded information to Excel for billing or reporting
  • Easy setup & minimal staff training
  • 24/7 support