Exceptional productivity from day one

Engineered specifically for the Australian Security Industry, SMART enables businesses to work more efficiently thanks to its wide-ranging functionality.
SMART users’ productivity increases soon after the system is installed. This efficiency comes from different areas, mainly Operations, Accounting & Finance, and Management.

Find out why hundreds of users from Australia and New Zealand trust SMART as their one-stop shop for Security Operations, Accounting, Finance, and Management

Efficiency Gains

Streamline processes, save time, reduce errors

Get the best out of your staff
SMART allows your Operations Centre staff to focus on added-value work as every-day tasks are easily automated


Your needs, and nobody else’s
SMART is highly configurable at different levels. Operations’ management can grant multiple access levels to operators, decide upon sound and visual notifications, and hundreds of other features that can be set in a few clicks


Exchanging jobs automatically
Receive and dispatch jobs electronically and save on average 6 minutes per job.


Gains go beyond time and money savings
Electronic job exchanges also lead to a reduction of errors derived from miscommunication between participants. Typical disagreements over details such as on-site/off-site times are eradicated

  • Patrolman receive jobs from control rooms or operations centres via SMS, email or via an app
  • Job outcomes provided by patrolman are updated in your SMART and made available to job requesters

Avoid money leaking out of your business


Invoice Reconciliation
Using Sendem solutions means you will no longer spend endless hours manually reconciling dockets and invoices. Your bookkeeper’s only task is a simple matching of job reports. Since both parties have been connecting electronically, records and results will be the same.

Easy Billing of Complex Operations
Standard accounting systems tend to result in small but recurrent money leakages. As they are not industry-specific, they have significant shortages and cannot handle complex billing e.g. jobs incurring extra time at different rates or carried out during public holidays. Different awards and rates can make invoicing extremely complex and time-consuming.

With Smart, you only have to set prices up once. All calculations will be taken into account when billing. And still, you won’t lose the flexibility to change pricing in each individual operation if need be.


Real-Time Finance Management
SMART features dozens of inbuilt reports that provide data on revenue, profits, outstanding invoices, periodic charges and much more.

Additionally, each user can receive scheduled personalized reports showing any kind of data that has been recorded in SMART.

Make more informed decisions with quality data

With SMART, managers always have a grip on the business. The amount of accurate data that can be pulled from the system allows management to oversee operations, analyze the performance of employees and contractors, review response times by contractor or by location, analyze sales in depth, and much more.


Easily visualize listed partners, clients, keys, locations, etc. in a variety of formats


Effortlessly get crucial information on performance from both your team and contractors, such as drivers’ site attendance and response action summary sheets.


Choose from dozens of different statistics or schedule periodic reports to be e-mailed to you.

Features Overview


  • Dispatch alarm response jobs in seconds
  • Select patrol according to location or other criteria
  • Prioritize jobs according to easy-to-set criteria
  • Access to history, key holders, cars, etc in a few clicks


  • Schedule services weeks or months ahead
  • Patrols: create and manage run sheets; track equipment; record patrol times; produce exception reports
  • Guards: fixed or ad hoc rosters; track licensing and equipment; apply conditions; 12 shift types and unlimited pricing per shift


  • Cash in Transit: create and manage run sheets; charge or pay on fixed price basis or per call; add detailed instructions on run sheets
  • Allow large clients or contractors to view the status of their jobs remotely
  • Dispatch quotations and convert them into jobs in seconds
  • Automatically calculate complex customer and contractor pricing
  • Bill and pay on fixed price or per patrol basis
  • Easily reconcile invoices with job requesters and contractors
  • Bill at any interval
  • Schedule periodic charges
  • E-invoicing: email hundreds of invoice in one go
  • E-mail statements and invoice reminders in seconds
  • Detailed reports and graphs of business performance
  • Focus on what’s most important thanks to the Exception reporting capabilities
  • Track performance of employees and contractors
  • Access the logs of all activities recorded on SMART
  • Assign different levels of access to employees
  • View all activity in real-time