Save time from day 1!

The Sendem Web Portal contributes enormously to reduce operators’ phone calls, and it significantly improves response times by shortening communication waiting times.

A flexible cost-efficient solution

The Web Portal has no installation requirements which means an operator can be up and running in minutes. It is used by security companies of all sizes who do not require billing and reporting as part of the service. It also assists clients with multiple locations to monitor the status of their jobs.

Join the Sendem Community

The true power of the Sendem Web Portal comes from its link to SmartNet Server,
which enables jobs to be exchanged with other Sendem users.

Job Dispatch and Communications flows in the SmartNet Network

All job participants receive updates to job details or status simultaneously.

Other software can also talk to Sendem solutions (accounting, vehicle tracking, staff attendance and compliance devices, alarm monitoring software, etc.)

Accelerate Productivity

  • Effortlessly dispatch, receive and monitor jobs
  • Real-time visualization of job status
  • Job details may be exported to Excel for billing or reporting
  • No setup requirements & minimal operator training
  • 24/7 support