QR-Patrol Mobile App

A must-have for guard tours

Simplicity to Achieve Productivity

  • Guards can now do what they do best: protect people and assets. No more time wasted on paperwork and dockets.
  • Scan QR-Code checkpoints, NFC tags and Beacons, and gather valuable site and client data.
  • Inform site managers, clients and other stakeholders about incidents as they happen.
  • One tap away to send a SOS¬†alert.

Have you already downloaded the app?

Take a look at the user guide and
become a QR-Patrol expert in no time

Getting Started is Easy

  • Check the Schedule to see all the checkpoints that need to be scanned for the shift
  • Scan QR codes, tap NFCs or scan Beacons from a distance, and an event will be immediately visible in the QR-Patrol Web App.
  • When there’s an incident, take a picture and send it to your Operations Centre or Control Room in only a few seconds.
  • Need help? Press the SOS button to get immediate attention