Personalised Login Screen

Personalized login screen

For QR-Patrol GOLD edition only

QR-Patrol GOLD users have the option to personalize the login screen and get an even better User Experience. Here’s how:

How to Change the Default Login Screen

  • Go to the Web Application, click on “Company” > “Company info”
  • Click on “Edit” link on the “Custom Login Screen” section
  • Edit the URL that you’d like to use for your Personalized Login Screen. Note this is the link that will lead to your Personalized Web App Login Page e.g.
  • Edit the Main Title & Description of your page.
  • Press the + button to upload an image that will sit in the background

Not happy with the image? Change it anytime by clicking on Delete Image on the “Custom login Screen” section

  • You can also change the colour and font of your page’s Main Title & Description to match your firm’s. Simply click on “Preview the result” and then “Customize” on the bottom right.
  • Click on Save or Cancel. Enjoy your new personalized screen!