Secure, Reliable, Industry-specific Communications

Despite the myriad of tech tools available today, many monitoring companies still rely on the phone and email to dispatch and receive job updates.
Sendem has created a network that connects job requesters with job providers in Australia and New Zealand. This network is key to creating efficiencies in the whole industry. If you’re not yet part of it, you’re missing out on some very significant gains.
Connecting job requesters and security providers

Time savings: a game changer

The charts below show how the dispatch KPIs of monitoring centres can be radically reduced when using Sendem systems. And what can operators do when not wasting time dispatching and receiving job outcomes? What they do best: monitoring.

Alarm Response Times are greatly reduced.

With Sendem, not only monitoring centres cut dispatch times but also their security providers and contractors.

An (almost) errorless process

Typical disagreements over details such as on/off site times and site address are eradicated completely when using Sendem solutions. As the monitoring centre and the service provider use the same platform, the information is the same in both systems, leaving no room for disagreements.

A Graphical Overview

Reducing Response Times (TRT+ART)

  • Manual process
  • Partial Automation
  • Full Automation

Time Savings

Minutes saved by your operators every 600 jobs

Total minutes saved by staff involved in a single job (for every 600 jobs)

  • In a manual process, all communications take place via phone or email.


  • Partial automation is when only part of the communications are automated e.g. between a monitoring centre and a security provider. However, the security provider still needs to manually find and call the right patrol.


  • Full automation, the perfect scenario: a monitoring centre electronically dispatches a job to a security provider that auto-dispatches the job to the most suitable patrol (i.e. their own cars or subcontractors). The patrolman electronically shares the job outcome with all participants.


Other Gains for Monitoring Firms

  • Deal with peak periods with ease: Shorten inbound call waiting times and easily prioritize jobs
  • Reduce admin with the automated reconciliation of information between monitoring centres and security providers
  • Lower telecom costs
  • Reduce the incidence of human error in relaying verbal instructions
  • Improve security with encrypted communication

Phoning Jobs Through VS Sendem Electronic Dispatch

A Unique Selling Point