In the mobile patrol or alarm response business?

If your firm offers patrols and guards amongst its services, you may well receive jobs from other security companies – either monitoring centres or other security providers. You probably then send these jobs to your firm’s own patrols or to subcontractors.
With Sendem, you can now automate this process from beginning to end, resulting in massive quantitative and qualitative gains.
Job Dispatch and Communications flows in the SmartNet Network

Optimize your operators’ time

Drastically improve your KPIs with the same staff. Sendem systems free up operators’ non-productive time. Get your staff to work on added value work!

Shorten Response Times

Automating job exchanges with job requesters and patrolmen (or subcontractors) not only enhances your productivity but also helps reduce response times. Monitoring centres contribute to this process as well.

Impress your clients with outstanding SLA accomplishment

Once Sendem solutions are in place, your ability to fulfill your SLAs increases exponentially. Don’t let performance clauses shrink your profit!

An (almost) errorless process

Typical disagreements over details such as on/off site times and site address are eradicated completely when using Sendem solutions. As the monitoring centre and the service provider use the same platform, the information is the same in both systems, leaving no room for disagreements.

A Graphical Overview

Reducing Response Times (TRT + ART)

  • Manual process
  • Partial Integration
  • Full Integration


Minutes saved by your operators every 600 jobs

Minutes saved by field staff every 600 jobs

Total minutes saved by staff involved in a single job (for every 600 jobs)

Other Gains for Security Providers

  • Deal with peak periods with ease
  • No more waiting on the phone for job outcomes or seal checks
  • Reduce admin work with the automated reconciliation of information between monitoring centres and security providers
  • Reduce the incidence of human error in relaying verbal instructions
  • Improve security with encrypted communication

A Unique Selling Point

  • Let your customers know how fast information travels. Sendem will help you equip your sales teams with the right tools so they can impress clients and leads with sound demos. A process that might take your company over 12 minutes nowadays, could take place in seconds!