Guard Trail

Guard Trail

For QR-Patrol GOLD edition only

Guard Trail is the ultimate guard tracking tool for managers who need accurate location data for compliance reasons or for route optimisation.

You’ll be able to see the path the guard or mobile staff followed during the tour. The results can appear either on a static form or as an animation.

Remember this is an exclusive feature for QR-Patrol GOLD users.

How to Get Started

First, you’ll have to enable the Guard Trail feature. It’s very simple.

  • Login to the Web Application
  • Go to Company > Guards, select a Guard and click on “Edit”
  • You’ll find a section named “Tracking”. To enable the Guard Trail feature, tick the “Enabled” checkbox and adjust the “Check Interval” i.e. Time interval between position updates

Note that shorter time intervals result in more accurate data (the system gets more position updates)

Accessing the Guard Trail tool

Go to Company > Trail Guards. You’ll see two modes you can select

  • Completed Routes
  • Live View

Completed Routes

  • Choose a Guard
  • select a period (from – to)
  • select the Route you’d like to explore
  • click on “Show”

Under the section “Map Options”, you’ll find two further options: “Static” and “Animation”. Animation shows the trail in motion.

  • to play the animation, simply choose the speed and click on the play icon, next to “start animation”

You also have the option to choose a map layer.

  • click on the dropdown menu and choose the map layer that suits you most

You can also enable or disable (see “Show Lines”).

Last, under “Extra Options”, you have the option to export a KML file by pressing on “Get KML”.

Live View

  • Select a Guard of your interest (if the “Tracking” option on the Guard’s settings and the Location settings on the Guard’s device are enabled, the system will automatically zoom-in to the last recorded location and update accordingly every time a new location is sent)
  • Choose a map layer and Enable/Disable the “Show Lines”  as per the above instructions.
  • Optionally tick on “Follow Last Position”